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Freelance writer covering books, sports, and the people who make them interesting | Toronto, Ontario | @terraarnone


Toronto’s Grace O’Connell on the long voyage to her second novel

“A lot of writers abide by the once-a-day schedule of writing to make their best work. I really can’t do that. For me, it’s more feast or famine.” Big swaths of time, she tells me, mostly in the night, while TO politico partner, Trinity-Spadina Ward Councillor Joe Cressy, sleeps one room over. Otherwise, her home life is admittedly mundane: barbecues and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, mostly, Grace laughing lightly at her own humdrum hobbies. “My writing is the most interesting thing about me. I don’t have a bizarre, eccentric, artistic life happening outside of the pages that would fascinate anyone.”

Jagged utter pill: Scaachi Koul turns social media rage and mockery into an enthralling essay collection

Last year, around this time, somebody called Scaachi Koul a pill – on the internet, naturally, and “an utter pill”, to be exact. “I am a pill,” she says, unaffected, or at least less so with some distance and a brief break from Twitter between. “It’s not wrong.”

‘Writing for me is just an ongoing anxiety attack’: Omar El Akkad proves that what you are good at isn’t always good for you

If anyone were fit to write a world of war, terror, climactic demise and deadly biological weaponry, it’d make sense for that individual to be Omar El Akkad. He’s observed and recounted tragedy around the globe – from Middle America to urban battlegrounds a few oceans eastward – and written about those experiences extensively; that National Newspaper Award is not the only metal on Omar’s mantle. He’s a hungry journalist, starving even, never quite right for the roles assigned to keep him on mastheads – tech editor, finance reporter – but he begs his higher-ups for foreign work as deftly as he writes it.

‘We’re all living in science-fiction now’: Screenwriter Elan Mastai explains the improbability of our lives

Ruby Slippers needs to pee. Unfortunately, she’ll have to wait. The human tethered to the other end of her leash has become suddenly indisposed, hit with an idea begging immediate transcription. And so, in the first days of summer 2014, on a park bench in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood, Ruby Slippers is left crossing four legs while Elan Mastai writes the first chapter of his first book.


Terra Arnone

I'm a freelance writer currently based in Toronto, Ontario covering books, sports, and culture for print and digital outlets across Canada. My work appears most often in the National Post's Arts section, where I write book reviews, profile authors, and gather quick-take digests of the latest in arts and culture for readers on the go.

A graduate of Queen's University, I cut my teeth as Features Editor at the University’s twice-weekly campus newspaper. I followed up my degree with a jaunt through the UK and Europe, taking post-graduate courses in travel writing and making my way across the continent doing just that. I am also a graduate of Ryerson University's Book Publishing program.

With in-house editorial experience at some of Canada's best-known independent and multinational book publishers, it's a keen eye for good books and knowing who will read them that brought me to my current work in books journalism.

I'm glad you're here. If you'd like to learn more about me, my work, or availability for freelance writing and editing projects, please reach out via email at